Co-Founders and Executive team

Eric Adamsons    

Born in New York in 1970. As a child he moved to Puerto Rico where he currently lives and works. He received a Bachelor of Arts from TISCH School of the Arts.  After 8 years working professionally in film and television in Puerto Rico he returned to New York where he received a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University. His work is multidisciplinary with an inclination towards the ephemeral. Having spent more than seven years in the academic field, the incorporation of a hands on educational element is essential to his work. He most recently directed a series of film/video art workshops with the Deaf Association of Galicia.

Heins Kim

Born in Southern California to Korean-immigrant parents from Germany. Heins Kim has shown and curated shows in Los Angeles and New York. He studied Painting at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. While based in New York City for the past 14 years, Kim has also lived and worked throughout Europe, Hong Kong and the island of Macau.
Kim’s multi-media work address’s cultural issues through Drawing, Sculpture and Installation. His diverse background and experiences informs much of his work. By intercepting and distinguishing the suppressed cultural ideals that are frequently lost to the shortening memory of our media-obsessed global society. Eastern and Western conceptions are called into question. Globalization is one contributory factor in blurring traditions as cultural origins become increasingly diverse. Regardless of medium Heins Kim’s work explores color, form and composition through a formal aesthetic.

Samúel Þór Hjaltalín  

Born and raised in Akranes, a small town outside of Reykjavik, Sam studied as an Electronic Technician, later to work in the field of telecommunications, radios and tracking devices. As an amateur radio and electronics enthusiast, his knowledge in electro-engineering and tracking has been and continues to be  a massive contribution to the success of past and future launches. The recovery of the payload is a critical component of any mission’s success.

Since childhood, Sam's been highly enthusiastic about interstellar traveling, space exploration, Auroras, photography and radio telecommunications.


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