“The Mjölnir project was created as part of the course T-870-INTE Integrated Project at Reykjavík University on the spring semester of 2014. The class is presented as a Master’s level course where students with varying backgrounds unite their forces and use the collective experience and knowledge in the team to solve a complex problem.” Mjölnir’s webpage is located here.

The rocket launch at the 15th of May 2014, took place east of the small town Vík í Mýrdal, on Mýrdalssandur (Coordinates: N63 29.465 W18 44.073 ). Three rockets were launched, one 98mm rocket and two larger ones. All three test rockets made it into the air, and back to Earth.

There were three launch windows, each 15 minutes long.

  • 5:45 UTC – Rocket #1
  • 6:45 UTC – Rocket #2
  • 8:45 UTC – Rocket #3

A compilation video from the launch will be released soon.

News articles and media

Information on Rocket #2 and flight data (provided by Reykjavik University)

  • Rebel Space custom made rocket.
  • Diameter: 102 mm
  • Length 2600 mm
  • Weight 4.7 kg
  • Top altitude 5,522 meters
  • Max acceleration: 160m/s^2
  • Top speed: 454 m/s
  • Ascent time: 5.6 s
  • Descent rate: -23m/s
  • Descent time: 194 s Droge – 21 s Main
  • Flight time: 254 s


Special thanks to the following:

  • Full production support by Kukl.
  • High speed internet connection on site for streaming by Síminn.
  • And all the others that supported our collaboration with Reykjavik University and the Mjölnir Project