" Discovery is seeing what everybody else has seen, and thinking what nobody else has thought... " — Albert Szent-Gyorgi

Into the Aurora is a documentary project following the life of two artists, Eric Adamsons (Puerto Rico) and Heins Kim (New York), with their colleague, Samúel Hjaltalín (Iceland) as they immerse themselves into the cultural and scientific understandings of the Aurora Borealis. Throughout the story, the artists document their collaborations with international institutions, both educational and private enterprise, and individuals alike in an attempt to send cutting edge imaging equipment into heart of the Aurora at an altitude of approximately 300 kilometers. Working with students from several Universities and throughout the globe, they engage in complex scientific endeavors necessary to reach their goal. 

Ultimately, once the images and other data have been successfully acquired, a scalable rendering of the Aurora will be realized at selected international venues as an interactive-educational exhibit to  be displayed in concert with the release of a giant-screen feature and migrant media* that will chronicle their successes and challenges provoking conversations concerning how we as a society define achievement, while addressing humankind’s pensive effort to coax the marriage between mythology, culture and empirical evidence.

Leica @UPR 15.png

courtesy of: NASA Wallops Flight Facility/Berit Bland